Pendragon PLC is investing in new talent with apprenticeships.

We have invested in our apprentices and know this will pay off in the long run. The programme is shaping the future leaders of our company who will possess a strong base in true professional management.

Charlotte Potter
Talent Specialist, Pendragon PLC

Barclays and the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship.

We wanted to create something that would initially give young people but, more recently, a much broader audience a pathway to the more senior parts of our business.

Mike Thompson
Head of Barclays’ Apprenticeship Programme

Opus Building Services knows what value apprenticeships can bring.

I recognise that my managers are from the same background as me, so I want them to understand the benefits of management and leadership qualifications and how they allow my business to keep growing.

Gavin Richardson, MBA, CMgr, FCMI, MIET
Founder of Opus Building Services

Civil Service Learning and the importance of apprenticeships.

[we want to provide] a full suite of potential pathways, not just for external recruits, but also, excitingly, for internal staff to build their own capability and development by having the opportunity to enrol onto a leadership and management apprenticeship programme.

Jake McClure
Head of Apprenticeships for Civil Service Learning

Boots UK is supporting the careers of the next generation with apprenticeships.

We are delighted to add another progressive route into higher education for apprentices on our Future Leaders programme that supports these young people with their goals and aspirations, and with the next steps in their careers.

Jenny Brown
Head of Learning and Development, Boots UK

See how being one of Pendragon PLC’s first Chartered Manager Degree Apprentices is opening up future career opportunities for Sam Butler.

When I heard about degree apprenticeships, I was really excited. I found the learning format at University really wasn’t for me and I wanted something more hands-on.

Service Advisor, Pendragon PLC

Read how Thomas Summerfield is getting ahead with the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship.

The degree apprenticeship is putting me ahead of other students who may come into a full time position after they graduate.

Thomas Summerfield, 19
Service Advisor, Pendragon PLC

Najoua Chekaya describes how the Level 5 Apprenticeship in Management and Leadership is already influencing her management abilities.

“It takes a fair amount of dedication when you’re working full time, but I tried to incorporate as much as possible of the course into my work, which helped a lot.”

Najoua Chekaya, 29
Regional Manager, Pure Gym

Gemma Strain attributes her career progression to the workplace learning she has undertaken.

The main thing I’ve learnt through doing my diploma is confidence; I now have faith that what I am doing is correct.

Gemma Strain, 24
Team Manager, Sitel

Jake has found that the skills he has learned in his apprenticeship are helping him to manage his department more efficiently than ever.

It’s teaching me an awful lot about how different people learn and work. It allows me to recognise my learning style, but also that of others around me and how to work to bring the best out of them.

Jake Meldrum, 23
Customer Service Executive, NACD LTD

Becky tells us how she’s found the Level 3 Apprenticeship in Management and Leadership to have a positive impact on her personal development.

I’ve learnt more about the legal side of retailing, for instance health and safety, employment law and equality and diversity - all of which is very useful in my job.

Becky Wallis, 23
Manager, Herriot Hospice Homecare Store

How Amie used the new Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship opportunity with Boots UK.

My career progression has been greatly supported by the self-development skills, confidence and behaviours I have gained from the apprenticeship and the CMDA programme.

Amie Norman, 22
Lead Assistant Supply Manager, Boots UK

Jessica Farnell graduated from the Boots Future Leaders Apprenticeship programme.

“I had a brilliant introduction into full-time working, benefitting from the academic studies alongside real-life experience… an apprenticeship was absolutely the right route.”

Jessica Farnell, 23
Chartered Manager Degree Apprentice, Boots UK

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