Young people’s views on the challenges of getting into work in 21st century Britain.

Many young people aren’t getting access to enough of the right skills, training and opportunities they need to transition into jobs and successful careers.

CMI and EY Foundation share a common agenda: ensuring that all young people get access to the right skills, training and opportunities to enable them to have good prospects for their working lives. Wanting to hear directly from young people about what they thought and had experienced when it came to making career decisions, getting workplace experiences and forming future ambitions, we surveyed 1510 16-21 year olds from across the UK in depth about their views and experiences.

This report provides powerful insights into the views of today’s 16-21-year-olds on work and their future careers and forms a candid snapshot of the experiences they have had in the workplace and of their hopes and fears for the future in an age of uncertainty.

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